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Roberu » Pray For Japan Wrist Band



Roberu is dedicated to the art of handmade. We will continuously release new items adhering to our believes, especially our leather items which are made of natural tanned leather. We truly hope our products can give you a wonderful day and make your "Life" happy.


Always by your side,
Leather Factory Roberu


March 18th, 2011

Pray For Japan Wrist Band

- East Japan earthquake : monetary donation -
《東日本大震災 義援金:Pray For Japan Wrist Band 》

Now the second disaster that the earthquake have occurred 11th Mar was broadcast every day.

We want to help any way we could, and want to be of assistance, if our ability would be poor.

We made “Pray For Japan Wrist Band” with our feeling.
その気持ちと願いを込め、Pray For Japan Wrist Bandを製作致しました。

pray for japan

This band will be sold in our partner’s shop from 20th Mar (Sun).
Below please find the info of our partner’s shop, for your reference.

eimeku (it will be released from 20th Mar.)
- nearest station : Hakuraku station on Tokyu-Toyoko line.
monogram (it will be released from 22th Mar.)
- nearest station : Gakugei-daigaku station on Tokyu-Toyoko line.

* If you would have any question, please feel free to contact this address ( via Email any time.

The price is 500 yen (JPY) per one.

We will collect contributions via Japan Red Cross Society.

This leather band is made of “Ground Leather” that is Roberu original natural tanned leather.
レザーはROBERUオリジナルのヌメ革染料系オイルレザー「Ground Leather」を

The colors are Camel and Black.

pray for japan

It is possible that you could change 2 sizes for male or female.

pray for japanpray for japan

We hope that more people will cooperate with us, and all Roberu’s staff make our works by hand with our whole heart at our workshop everyday.

pray for japan

We’ll put our all into the works for wishing that people in afflicted area would be restored and their life would be stabilized.

Sincerely yours,

Leather Factory Roberu

Posted by Roberu on Friday, March 18th, 2011 at 7:40 pm


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